Industrial Ethanol



Business Area


KC&A creates various products and added value through
the formation of a stable market and through product supply/sales.

We are experiencing consistent growth through stable product supply/sales and flexible management.

KC&A is constructing a strong business structure through the sale of KAI’s products,
various product developments and a stable supply of materials to our partners.

  • 석유화학


    Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate

    We deal with not only the ethyl acetate and butyl acetate from our partner KAI,
    which is Korea’s only manufacturer, but also various other chemical solvents
    such as methanol, IPA, toluene, and MEK.

  • 조주정

    Ethanol Trading

    Eco-friendly Ethanol

    We are leading the market through active trade
    in Asia’s eco-friendly ethanol market.

  • 공업용 에탄올

    Industrial Ethanol

    Ethanol 95, natural ethanol, ethanol for washer liquid

    We are strictly managing and selling industrial ethanol
    such as ethanol 95, natural ethanol and ethanol for washer liquid
    which are used in various ways in daily life

Asia’s No. 1 chemical trading

We are excelling in the chemical products trade sector of the global market
through our know-how and technology that has been accumulated over the past 20 years.

  • Methanol

  • H202

  • IPA

  • Toluene

  • MEK

  • BG

  • BDG

  • Acetone

  • MC

  • PM

  • PMA